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Book buyback:

Book Buyback is available at our Kenai River and Kachemak Bay campus locations.

It is our policy to try to purchase as many course books as possible. Buyback, at the end of Spring and Fall semesters, is a voluntary service provided by KPC BOOKS. Dates for the specific times will be posted on campus. When an instructor informs us that a particular book will be used in the upcoming semeser, the bookstore will pay approximately 50% of the original purchase price.  When we have bought enough for our use, we may be able to continue to buy. We then will use our wholesaler's price list.

Factors affecting the value of a book include edition, condition, and future usage. We cannot buy books when there is no demand for them. The quantity we can purchase is dependent upon the  estimated course enrollment and our current stock levels. Normal highlighting and margin notes are OK. We expect normal wear and tear on books. Workbooks with writing cannot be bought back.

The titles not needed by KPC BOOKS may be purchased by a wholesale book company. Their prices depend on the current college market. Using their database, we can check for you and pay cash for those books. We will ship them for you. Some books have little or no monetary value.